Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $300 – Our Top 8 for 2024

Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $300

Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $300: Buying all the fly fishing gear separately can be a bit challenging if you are just getting started. So we have reviewed some of the top-rated fly rods and reels for the money to help you find the Best Fly Rod Combo Under $300.

If you are in a hurry: Wild Water Deluxe is the Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $300 as per our reviews.

Wild Water Deluxe Fly Fishing Combo
  • BEST ALL AROUND FLY ROD : The 5/6 wt 9 ft fly rod is perfect...
  • PREMIUM FLY REEL: Don’t get stuck when you need to reel in...
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The Deluxe Package includes everything...

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Now, let’s move on to our detailed reviews.

Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $300

Here is our list of the 8 best fly rod comos under $300…

  1. Wild Water Deluxe Fly Fishing Combo – Best Overall
  2. KastKing Emergence 4 Piece Combo – Runner-up
  3. NetAngler Fly Fishing Package – Best 5-Weight Rod
  4. Maxcatch Fly Rod and Reel Outfit – Best Fast Action
  5. Sougayilang Fly Rod and Reel Package – Best for Beginners
  6. Plusinno Fly Rod Combo – Most Affordable/ Budget Pick
  7. Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Easy Assembly
  8. Fishingsir Fly Fishing Rod and Reel – Best for Trout

1. Wild Water Deluxe Fly Fishing Combo

Wild Water Deluxe Fly Fishing Combo Starter Kit, 5 or 6...

Wild Water is simply one of the top fly fishing combos available for an affordable price. It includes a rod, a large reel with a preinstalled line, and flies. It comes with a rod case, a fly box, some backing and a leader, a rod sock, and a detailed reference guide. It also includes a zinger, a spare leader, and a knot-tying tool.

The 9-foot, 4-piece rod uses new industry-standard IM6 graphite and weighs 5.7 ounces. The slow action rod has a mid flex and supports 5 or 6 weight lines. The 7-inch western-style cork grip allows you to handle the rod with ease. The rod features three stainless steel guides with silicon carbide rings and single-foot guides.

The large Arbor reel is made of die-cast aluminum and comes with a preinstalled 5-weight line. It is suitable for freshwater or seawater as it uses stainless steel components. It also includes a large knob for the adjustable disc drag system. The reel is set for a left-handed retrieve at the factory, but it can be easily converted to a right-hand retrieve.

Flies included in the package come in a small box that is water-sealed to keep contents dry. The kit comes with 9 different flies, including Winged Black Ants and Parachute Adams.

In view of the price, and quality, Wild Water Deluxe is the Best Fly Fishing Combo for the Money. It’s nice to have a classic fly rod in a convenient package. Wild Waters offers a lifetime warranty on the rod to ease your buying decision.

2. KastKing Emergence 4 Piece Combo

KastKing Emergence Fly Fishing Combo,8 Wt,9ft Full Handle,7...

This is a great combo as you get everything you need to start fishing. It comes with a quality rod for first-time anglers.

The 4-piece graphite rod is designed to improve sensitivity. You will feel the movements as soon as you hook a fish.

The fact that it is lightweight is yet another bonus. It is great for your first fishing experience. It gives you the versatility that you need. The ergonomic handle is a welcome feature.

It might be lightweight, but it is still durable and long-lasting. The materials used here are high quality. The guides are so slick, that the fishing line freely feeds through and runs back.

The combo includes a durable aluminum fly reel. The reel comes pre-loaded with the line, backing, and a fly leader.

This is our favorite fly fishing combo for beginners. You could buy it if you wish to start fly fishing but aren’t looking to spend a fortune.

We love fly fishing rods and reels that are light and portable. It is easy to fit KastKing Emergence in your backpack for easy carrying. Even if you don’t end up using it much, the compact design means it won’t take up much space! Even the case is more compact than most others.

3. NetAngler Fly Fishing Package

NetAngler Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 4-Piece Fly Fishing...

NetAngler aims to make fishing easier for beginners. It is a customer-centric firm focused on making high-quality rods and easy-to-use fishing equipment.

This fly fishing package is great for anglers looking to get started. The package comes with a 4-piece graphite fly rod. While the 4-piece fly rod is high quality and lightweight, the reel is even better. The rod is easy to cast for beginners due to its moderate action.

The reel comes pre-spooled with backing and a weight-forward floating fly line. The tapered fly leader comes already attached for convenience. This fly fishing package includes quite a few tools and accessories. It comes with forceps, a line nipper with a re-tractor, strike indicators, and a split shot for sub-surface flies.

NetAngler comes with 28 high-quality hand-tied flies in a waterproof fly box. It includes some of the most popular dry flies, nymphs, streamers, and vivid colors flies.

You’ll also get a great travel case that has enough room to keep the reel attached to the rod. You don’t have to take the reel off to keep it stored safely.

4. Maxcatch Fly Rod and Reel Outfit

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit...

Maxcatch was founded in 2005. Maxcatch uses 5% of its pre-tax profits to encourage fly fishing and promote Catch and Release to preserve natural resources.

The Maxcatch Fly Fishing Outfit comes with a fly rod, fly reel, line, backing, and leaders. It also includes 12 hand-tied flies in a waterproof fly box. You also get a neoprene reel cover, a key chain, and a sturdy travel case to hold everything.

The 3 Wt 8’4” medium-fast action rod breaks down into 4 pieces. It’s made of 5 layers of carbon, including a layer of Reinforced Muscle Carbon for 20% increased strength.

The high-quality reels are made of aluminum and come with a very smooth drag. They are pre-spooled with backing, floating fly line, and tapered leader. They build each reel size to match the rod weight for the perfect balance.

This fly rod outfit also includes a rod bag with a reel pouch, so you can hold everything conveniently. The rod bag comes with 12 hand-tied flies (both wet and dry). The neoprene pouch protects the reel. It also includes a waterproof floating fly box that can hold up to 372 flies.

The fly fishing outfit comes with amazing gear, and the bags and pouches which come along are a great addition.

5. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Package

Sougayilang Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combos with Lightweight...

Sougayilang Fly Fishing Starter Pack comes with a 9ft, 4-piece fly rod. Along with the rod, you also get an aluminum fly fishing reel, 100 ft of fly line, backing, and a leader.

The fly rod uses durable but ultralight carbon fiber. It comes with a 7” western-style grip made with high-quality cork. The compressed cork grip and trim rings help you cast accurately with less fatigue.

The fly reel is made of CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The large CNC hollow design allows for the reel to be lighter than the everyday reel. This reel is very versatile. You can fish rivers, lakes, and streams with this fly rod combo. It is an excellent choice for catching trout, grayling, and salmon.

This a great fly fishing outfit to get started. At least till you get some experience. There are other options if you want an upgrade but you will be sacrificing the sleek form factor. Once you’ve tried it a few times, you will understand how it feels and it will make sense.

The Sougayilang fly fishing outfit includes a zipper case to carry your equipment. One thing that stands out is the five-year warranty. If anything happens to this kit all you need to do is contact their customer service.

6. Plusinno Fly Rod Combo

PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, 4 Piece Lightweight...

Plusinno is the best fly rod combo under 300 from a top-rated fishing brand. It offers a choice of fishing rods in different lengths. We recommend beginners go for the 5 Wt 9′ Fly Rod.

The kit is available in a range of options. You can even buy just a rod and reel combo. But the better choice for beginners would be to go for the full kit with a carrier case.

Plusinno fly rod combo offers more equipment and accessories than most competition. It comes with a 4-piece fly rod, a fishing reel, fishing line, lures, hooks, sinkers, and a carrier bag. The fishing rod uses a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which makes it hard and durable. Due to its 4-piece design, the fishing rod is extremely portable and convenient to carry around.

We find this fly rod combo by Plusinno to be very appealing, as it is an excellent choice for beginners. The full kit includes almost all items necessary for fishing. You may not need anything else for a perfect fly-fishing trip.

7. Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Fly Fishing Complete...

While most fly fishing combos offer somewhat similar versatility and ease of use, Piscifun Aoka offers much more. Some of the most notable features of the fishing rod are the smooth disc drag system and a silent retrieve.

The spool release button allows for fast spool release. Also, there is an option to change retrieve from left to right hand. At the time of purchase, you would notice that the reel is set up for left-handed retrieval. But you can contact the company for guidance changing it to right-hand retrieve.

The cork and Teflon drag system includes a clutch that provides an easy as well as smooth drag. The mid-arbor spool helps in quickly picking up the line. All these features come at an excellent price. In fact, Piscifun Aoka is one of the Best Beginner Fly Fishing Combos on the market.

8. Fishingsir Trout Anglers Fly Rod Combo

FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Trout Anglers...

Fishingsir was founded in 2015. Their goal is to provide top-quality fishing equipment at a very competitive price.

They offer fly fishing combo kits under the Vortex Series. This series comes with an 8-foot rod that breaks down into four pieces. The graphite reel comes with a stainless-steel stripper guide, snake guides, and a hook keeper.

The rod comes with a high-grade cork grip that makes for easier handling. The large arbor die-cast aluminum fishing reel is easy to use due to its quick-release tab. It comes with a pre-loaded Easy Cast Line System.

This fly fishing combo option is great for catching different species of fish such as trout, small bass, crappies, and bluegill. It is versatile enough for fishing in both fresh and saltwater.

The Vortex Series combos come with three types of handmade flies; dry, wet, and streamers. These flies are 100% hand-tied and come in different colors and sizes.

This fly fishing combo comes with many useful tools and accessories. It includes curved forceps, a line nipper (with retractor), strike indicators split shot, and a leader strengthener.

Fishingsir includes almost everything you’ll need to go trout fishing. The strong graphite rod, aluminum reel, and many fly options make it stand out on the market.

How to Choose a Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Your fly fishing journey starts with your pick of a fly rod and reel combo. There are a variety of fly rods, reels, and lines available on the market. When you are starting out, the ease of use and reliability of your gear is very important.

So we have written this guide to help you pick a fly fishing combo.

Fly Rod Length & Size

The length of a rod affects how far you can cast, the accuracy of your casts, and how much control you have over your line. So you must consider the length and size when picking a fly rod.

When looking for a rod online, you will find most of the best-selling rods fall between the 6 to 10 feet range. You may find longer and shorter rods, but they have very specific applications.

We suggest you pick a longer rod for fishing larger bodies of water as they allow you to make longer casts. A 9 or 10-foot fly rod is a good choice for fishing in rivers or lakes, where you need to cast farther.

But if you plan to fish small streams or creeks, we suggest you pick a shorter rod as it will help you make more accurate casts. A 6 to 8-foot fly rod is a good choice for fishing small streams.

It is also important you take the size or weight of the rod into consideration. Rod weight refers to the weight of the line that a fly rod is designed to handle.

For example, a 5-weight rod is designed to cast a 5-weight line. So you need to match the rod weight and line size to ensure that your rod performs optimally.

Fly Rod Action

Fly rod action refers to how flexible the rod is. The action determines how the rod feels when casting and fighting a fish.

Fast-action rods are stiff and provide a lot of power. These rods are great for catching larger fish in open water. But a fast action rod can be a bit more difficult to cast especially if you are new to fly fishing.

Medium action rods are more flexible than fast action rods, but still provide a good amount of power. Medium action rods are most versatile as you can use them in a wide variety of fishing situations. Many beginners prefer medium-action rods as they are easier to cast yet offer enough power.

Slow-action rods are the most flexible type of rod. You can use them for delicate presentations in smaller streams. Slow-action rods are ideal for beginners as they are easier to control and allow you to learn how to cast.

Fly Reel

The fly reel is an important part of your setup as it holds the line and provides drag when fighting a fish. So you must check a few things when picking your first fly reel.

First, you must check that the reel matches the size of your rod and line. If a reel that is too large or too small can throw off the balance of your setup and make casting more difficult. Most fly rod and reel combos on the market come with matching equipment so you don’t have to worry about it.

Next, consider the type of drag system the reel uses. The drag system helps you control the pressure while fighting a fish. There are two main types of drag systems: click-and-pawl and disc drag.

Click-and-pawl systems are simpler and less expensive. But may not offer enough drag to catch larger fish. Disc drag systems are costly, but offer more stopping power to catch even big fish.

Construction Material

You will find fly rods and reels built with different materials on the market. Now, let us walk you through the pros and cons of some of the most common options.

Graphite is the most popular material for fly rods as it is lightweight, strong, and sensitive. Graphite rods are more expensive than fiberglass or bamboo, but they offer a better overall experience. They are also more versatile and suitable for different fishing conditions.

Fiberglass rods are less expensive than graphite rods. Also, they offer a slower action that makes them ideal for fishing in smaller streams and creeks.

Bamboo is a traditional material but it has seen some resurgence in recent years. Bamboo rods are popular for their beautiful craftsmanship. But they are more expensive and need more maintenance.

Finally, let us consider the material of the reel. A good fly reel must be strong, durable, and lightweight. Aluminum is the most popular choice but you can also find composite or carbon fiber reels on the market.

The material of the reel foot, which attaches the reel to the rod, is also essential. A reel foot made of aluminum or stainless steel will last you a long time. A plastic or composite reel foot may be less expensive but it will wear out quickly.


Fly fishing gear can range from affordable to extremely premium. So you must first determine how much you wish to spend and then stick to your budget when choosing a fly fishing rod and reel combo.

A high price doesn’t always mean better quality. Many a time some equipment is expensive just because it offers a specific feature for expert anglers. But as an average angler, you may never use that feature. So if you avoid such bells and whistles, you will be able to buy even top-rated equipment at an affordable price.

We suggest you pick a complete fly fishing kit if you are a beginner. Such kits come with everything you need to get started including rod, reel, line, flies, etc. They also offer excellent value for the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a method in which you cast an artificial weightless lure (called ‘fly’) to catch the fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and a special weighted fishing line for support. It provides beginners with a lightweight feel and allows an easy grip while holding the rod.

If you are a beginner angler, you can read our guide on Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks.

What is a Fly Fishing Combo?

Getting the right rod and reel can help beginners improve their fly fishing skills. Most fly fishing rod & reel combos are ready-to-fish. They include a fly rod, reel, line, and flies. Some combos include a rod case, a bag, and a fly box as well. Most anglers find fly fishing combos useful in getting started.

Depending on your choice, the specifications and quality of the items may vary. Most people start their fly fishing experience from rivers. So we recommend beginners go for a package that includes everything you need for your first trip.

What is the Benefit of Buying a Fly Fishing Combo?

A fly fishing rod and reel combo offers various benefits. It is a must-have for anyone just starting out or looking to build up their skills. A variety of fly rod and reel combos are available on the market. Most of them are suitable for beginners as well experienced anglers.

These fly combos or fly fishing kits are easy to use. They have beginner-friendly features compared to stand-alone fishing equipment. They offer a sturdy combination between the rod and reel, and line. Many top combos come with a lifetime warranty.

What Length and Size Fly Rod Should I Get?

The length and size of your fly rod depend on the type of fishing you plan on doing. If you plan to fish in small streams or creeks, then a shorter rod between 6 and 8 feet is ideal. If you plan to fish in large rivers or lakes, then pick a longer rod between 9 and 10 feet.

The size depends on the type of fish you plan to target. If you plan to go after smaller fish such as trout, then a 3 or 4-weight rod is ideal. But if you plan to catch larger fish such as salmon or steelhead then you will need a 7 or 8-weight rod.

What’s the Best Fly Rod Action to Get?

The best fly rod action depends on your skill level and the type of fishing. A slower action rod is great for beginners as it is easier to cast. It is also more suited for fishing in smaller streams and creeks.

A faster action rod is more powerful. It is more suitable for catching larger fish and casting long distances. A medium-action rod is suitable for a variety of fishing situations.

You may need to try different rods before you find the action that best suits your fishing style.

What are Fly Rods Made of?

Most popular rods are built with graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo. Graphite is the most popular material as it is lightweight, strong, and sensitive. Fiberglass is less expensive than graphite. Bamboo is a traditional material known for its slow action and beautiful craftsmanship.

What is a 3 Weight Fly Rod Good For?

A 3-weight fly rod is ideal for fishing in small streams and creeks for smaller fish like trout. You can use the light line weight for making delicate presentations in tight spaces. A 3 wt fly rod is also a good option for beginners as it is easier to cast and control compared to heavier rods. But a 3-weight rod may not be suitable for larger fish or windy conditions.

How Big of a Fish can a 7 Wt Fly Rod Handle?

It is important to match the rod weight to the size of the fish to avoid breaking your rod or losing the fish. You can use a 7-weight fly rod for catching fish up to 20 pounds depending on your skill level and the type of fish.

You must also pick a reel with a strong drag system to help tire out such large fish and prevent the line from breaking. So with the right gear and technique, you can use a 7-weight fly rod to target a wide range of fish species.


Wild Water is the Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $300 as per our reviews. Different combos may appeal to different types of fishing enthusiasts. But an ideal fly fishing combo is one that is easy to use and high quality.

So if you consider its features, high quality of construction, and midrange price, Wild Water deserves to be the winner. It is a great pick for beginners as well as experienced anglers.

We hope you like our list of the Best Fly Fishing Combos Under $300. All of these combos are ready to help you catch different types of fish. Let us know if you have any questions or comments, or if you need help picking the right combo. We are happy to answer any queries that we get.

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