Best Fly Reel Under 100

Best Fly Reel Under 100

Best Fly Reel Under 100: We have reviewed some of the top-rated affordable fly fishing reels on the market to find you the Best Fly Reels Under 100.

If you have in a hurry: Piscifun Sword is the Best Fly Reel Under $100 as per our reviews.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel
  • 【Solid and Light Weight】Precision CNC-Machined 6061-T6...
  • 【Silky Smooth Drag】Multi-disc premium carbon and...
  • 【Corrosion Resistance】Hard anodized for surface...

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Now, let us move to our detailed reviews.

Best Fly Reel Under 100 Reviews

Here is our list of the top 10 fly fishing reels under $100.

  1. Piscifun Sword – Best Fly Reel Under 100
  2. Sougayilang Oscar – Best Fly Reel Under 50
  3. AnglerDream – Best Fly Reel Under 30
  4. Maxcatch Avid – Best Value Fly Reel
  5. Okuma SLV – Best Fly Reel for the Money
  6. Croch Fly Reel – Best for Beginners
  7. Luremaster Fly Fishing Reel with Line
  8. Fiblink – Best Cheap Fly Reel
  9. Piscifun Crest – Best for Saltwater
  10. Redington Zero – High-End Option

Piscifun Sword – Best Fly Reel Under 100

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel, CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy...

Making the list twice is Piscifun. This time with their Piscifun Sword model. Like the Piscifun Crest, it comes in 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 weights. It can be ordered in black, gunmetal, pink, and space grey. It’s crafted from a light aluminum alloy. Specs include the signature silent retrieve, a hollow design, and corrosion resistance.

The Sword is similar to the Crest. Both feature a lighter design and silent retrieve. This makes for smoother casting. One difference is the hollow design. While this does cut the weight, the reel is more prone to the elements. The reel’s corrosion-resistant hard anodizing helps with this but it still needs careful maintenance. Still, the reel isn’t invulnerable. Steady maintenance plays a big role in how long you can keep this reel.

The sizes are ample for a variety of rods. The added colors make for a fun variety. An advanced fisherman could sit comfortably with the reel. The design isn’t so heavy that it’d turn off the beginner. It definitely lives up to the signature Piscifun design and quality.

Piscifun’s Sword is a very well-designed reel. It ranks a solid fourth on our list. The quality is definitely matched by the price tag. The variety in colors is a welcome aesthetic. While it may not be our first reel of choice, The Sword would come in a pinch as a solid backup reel. If you’re eyeing The Crest but looking for a lighter price tag, The Sword has got you covered.

Sougayilang Oscar – Best Fly Reel Under 50

Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbor 2+1 BB with CNC-machined...

As another bargain, lightweight reel, the Sougayilang Oscar takes third on the list. The fly reel comes in two sizes, 5/6 and 7/8. The reel sports a CNC-machined design made from an aluminum alloy. The body features a hollow design. Sougaylang’s signature gold color decorates the arbor. The gold around the arbor makes for a handsome aesthetic.  The gold is nice to look at. Overall, it’s a decent design.

For the positives, again the Oscar has a nice bargain price tag. This is an easy reel to get without sweating your wallet. The design is lightweight and functional. The Oscar is made from an aluminum alloy but it is not sealed. It will endure well enough but you should be cautious about heavy use. The hollow body design, while lightweight, isn’t exactly silent. Some parts may squeak while casting.

Another factor is the supportive customer service team. Sougayilang graciously provides a worry-free five years warranty. Replacements and refunds are quickly handled.

An upcoming fisherman can get their marks on it, but eventually, I’d recommend a higher-end reel. While certainly, it is a great reel for the price, the Oscar does have a few drawbacks here and there. Like the Okuma, proper care and maintenance will go a long way with this reel. Sougayilang Oscar is easily the best fly reel under 50. Overall, it’s a decent design at a bargain price.

AnglerDream – Best Fly Reel Under 30

ANGLER DREAM pre-Loaded (1/2WT 3/4WT 5/6WT 7/8WT) Fly Reel...

Hitting midlist is the Angler Dream fly reel and line combo. This sporty reel can be ordered in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 weights. The fly reel comes in several colors. Its design is made from aluminum.

The Angler Dream is a great value for the fact it includes both the fly line and the reel at a modest price. Its aluminum frame makes it another light reel for easy fishing. It is meant to be strictly used for freshwater fishing. Taking it out in saltwater could lead to quicker corrosion.

The cheaper price does come with a small dip in quality. Some have mentioned the fly line becoming easily tangled or the loop connectors not working. If you’re an experienced fisherman, you would be able to customize it to your liking. But then, I wouldn’t recommend it for a seasoned fly fisherman.

The Anglers Dream presents itself as an affordable, lightweight reel. But it is a great pick if you’re looking for a fly reel to start out with. Think of it as a starter pack or for a tryout weekend. With the inclusion of both the line and reel, the prep time is definitely cut in half. It is a great pick if you just want to get out and go fishing once in a while. It’s a bargain price for an excellent value fly fishing reel.

Maxcatch Avid – Best Value Fly Reel

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined Aluminum Body...

Number 6 on our list goes to the Maxcatch Avid. The Avid comes in the 1/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 weights. The reel and spools can be ordered in blue, green, black, and silver colors. Like the Angler Dream, there’s an option to buy both the reel and line together. The price range rises depending on the weight. The Avid sports a CNC-machined aluminum body and a hard-anodized surface.

The Avid is a simple reel. There are no bells and whistles so to speak. It’s a balanced reel between the price and the features. The colors make for fun customization. I especially like the signature blue color. Maxcatch clearly has a signature style.

Maxcatch Avid is CNC machined and has a hard-anodized surface. This makes it resistant to corrosion. The sizes are abundant and can be configured to any number of rods. One notable feature is the single revolution drag knob with a hidden drag knob screw engraved with numbered settings. Adjusting and setting the drag is easy and helps you set it to exactly where you want it.

Maxcatch Avid is a nice inexpensive fly reel. It relaxes into the drag and isn’t weighted down with too many extra features. If you tend to the reel, it should last for quite a while. If you run into problems, Maxcatch is said to have great customer service. The price is not too cheap but not too expensive. It makes for an excellent middle-of-the-road reel. If you buy both the reel and line, that’s another bargain under your belt.

Okuma SLV – Best Fly Reel for the Money

Okuma SLV- 5/6 Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel, Light Silver

Okuma SLV is named after the Japanese word for “large bear”. This fly fishing reel is built mainly from aluminum. It features a precision-machined brass brushing drive system and a stainless steel spool shaft.

Overall, the Okuma is a solid fly fishing reel. Its design allows for silent casting and is lightweight which makes it easy to use. The sizes are more limited to small to medium size rods. Don’t try to land a swordfish with it. It’s a reel best suited for easy pond or lake fishing.

The biggest draw is the small price tag. If you’re on a budget then this is an excellent reel to order and take out on the boat. In fact, Okuma SLV is the best budget fly reel out there.

The only kickback also comes from its affordability. Okuma’s durability is weakened by its lighter aluminum compared to heavier, CNC-machined reels. But again, this is a solid reel with excellent specs. It’s much more reliable than other bargain box reels. This is why it comes second on our list.  You just need to take care of it. Be sure to pack in the proper maintenance and the Okuma SLV is a reel you can get a lot of use out of.

Croch Fly Reel – Best for Beginners

Croch Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body...

At seven, we have the Croch Fly Fishing Reel. The Croch comes in the 1/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 weights. Colors to choose from include black, gun green, gold, and silver. It features a CNC machined, hard anodization to prevent corrosion and aluminum construction. The price range sets at the cheaper end.

Despite the aluminum design, The Croch is actually a heavier reel than many of the others on this list. Its heft is designed with bigger rods in mind. With that, it can be a lot to lug around. It’s solidly built with an aluminum frame and the colors are a nice variety. One of its top features is the ease of switching from the right hand to the left hand. It comes configured for a right-handed retrieve. But just requires a little tinkering to get the reel customized to your liking.

There’s a reason why Croch’s price tag is so low. It is functional and carries a lot of heft for bigger rods. This might make it more suitable for big water fishing rather than small lake fishing. You will need to make adjustments for the added weight. Other than that, the reel is a good you-get-what-you-pay-for. It’s a bargain price for the steady quality. There are plenty of options for color.

Luremaster Fly Fishing Reel with Line

LUREMASTER Pre-Loaded 5/6 WT Fly Fishing Reel with Weight...

Last on the list is the Luremaster Fly Reel with Line. It only comes in one 5/6 weight. The body is made out of durable plastic. It’s a combination reel, backing line, and taper leader. The lines come in either fluo yellow or moss green and yellow.

Luremaster is a good price for the combination. The plastic takes a hit on the durability factor.  Simply put, plastic isn’t as sturdy as aluminum alloy. If you’re on a clear weather trip, it’ll suit you just fine. It’s a decent design but I’d be wary of heavy use. The one size makes it suitable for only medium-sized rods. It’d do best as an early starter fly fishing reel. It can get damaged without sweating too much on the price.

Luremaster is a starter fly reel. With the one 5/6  size, it makes sense for it to be used on small to medium rods. The size can be a limitation for the more veteran fisherman or if you are going for different size fish. But the combination of the reel, line, and taper leader makes it a good learning reel before moving on to a more advanced one. Especially with the limited rod capacity, it’s more for beginners.

The price is a steal for its use. The plastic’s lower durability should be taken into consideration. Overall, an inexpensive reel for those just starting to cast.

Fiblink – Best Cheap Fly Reel

Fiblink Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel with Large Arbor 2+1 BB,...

At No. 9 is the Fiblink Fly Reel. Its sizes are 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8. It comes in two colors, silver, and orange. Like many other reels on our list, the Fiblink is made with a high-quality aluminum alloy. It is specifically designed for saltwater fishing with a sealed drag sack. The price tag is very reasonable.

Fiblink is an easy-to-use fly fishing reel. Since it’s specifically designed for saltwater, it ups the durability. The reel is an excellent bargain buy without hedging too much on the quality. The alloy makes it lightweight and easy to pack. There are a variety of sizes. Colors are limited but tasteful.

The price is without a doubt Fiblink’s biggest selling point. It might not be advanced enough if you’re a seasoned veteran fisherman but for the casual caster or beginner, it does the job. The durability of corrosion is an excellent feature as well.

Fiblink is not a bad reel by any means. It’s a nice easy reel for light saltwater fishing. The saltwater treatment makes for less maintenance. The price, of course, is the prime selling point. It could easily make for a good starter reel or backup. If you need a cheap fly reel that’ll do its job, I’d highly recommend the Fliblink.

Piscifun Crest – Best Saltwater Fly Reel Under 100

Piscifun Crest Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbor Fully Sealed...

Peaking at the top of the list is the Piscifun Crest. This fly fishing reel is made of lightweight aluminum. It comes in three sizes, 5/6 Wt., 7/8 Wt., and the biggest being 9/10 Wt. You can buy it in traditional black or bright green. The futuristic bladed design makes for a good-looking reel. The reel’s features include a fully sealed carbon to stainless steel drag. A click-and-drag silent retrieve gives you a smooth casting every time.

The lightness of the reel makes for ease of use and travel without taking away from its durability. With the fully sealed drag, this reel is resilient to even the toughest weather conditions. Maintenance is reduced to a simple rinsing after each use. Making it a solid choice whether you’re a veteran fisherman or just starting out.

The slick, bladed design is cool to look at but not too fancy. The multiple sizes make it suitable for any size rod. For the hardcore fisherman out fifty to a hundred days a year, the Crest proves itself as the old standby. Maintenance is reduced to a simple rinsing after each use.  Piscifun generously provides a lifetime warranty on this reel.

Compared to the other fly fishing reels, the Crest strikes the strongest balance of quality to price. It still comes to less than if you were buying a similar quality reel from another brand. The weight and innovative design are all balanced for an excellent reel. If you’re starting out, the design is easy enough to where you can learn quickly and not have to work your way up to another reel. Combine with its durability and small upkeep, it is the fly reel you buy once and fish for years to come.

Redington Zero – High-End Option

Redington Zero 2/3 Reel - Avocado, 5-5507R23V

Closing in at No. 8 is the Redington Zero. It comes in two sizes 2/3 and 4/5. The colors are listed as avocado, black, sand, and teal. The colors are nice for extra customization. Notable features include a lightweight frame and a spring-loaded click-and-drag system.

The Redington Zero is a minimalist reel. It’ll do exactly what it’s designed for. Its lightness makes it easy to carry and is excellent for smaller rods. Sizes are limited to 2/3  and 4/5, which makes it more suitable for smaller rods. You probably won’t land the biggest fish with the Redington Zero.

There’s little to pick apart in this reel. It is a quality, no-frills design that would suit just about any level fisherman. If you’re eager to just get out and fish, the Redington Zero is probably your best bet. The only downside is the simple design. The fancily named colors are a nice touch. The price is a little steep, but it doesn’t suffer in the quality. If you’re willing to shell out a little extra on a quality reel, it’s a fine one to take a chance on.


We’ve discussed a lot of reels on this list, but the Piscifun Sword is the Best Fly Reel Under $100 as per our reviews. It’s not bogged down by weight. Its sealed drag makes it low maintenance, durable fly fishing reel compared to hollow-bodied reels.

The Piscifun Sword may share a similar price tag to a number of reels ranked lower on our list, but it holds the highest balance of quality to price. With all that in mind, it becomes the reel you buy, take care of, and keep casting with for years!

We hope you like our pick of the Best Fly Reels Under $100. Let us know if you have any questions about our selection or testing methodology. We are happy to answer all the queries that we get.

If you have your eyes on a reel but it is not on our list, you can let us know via the comments sections. We will review it in our next update.

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